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Hiring a law firm should solve problems - not create them.


Our clients trust us to provide transparent, practical solutions to resolve disputes, boost receivables, and prevail in litigation. The Downs Law team creates best practices for commercial real estate, leasing, collections, and construction matters.

We review, negotiate, and draft commercial leases and handle evictions as they arise.

We represent you in mediated or litigated matters and draft, review, and negotiate your contracts.

We help you collect what you are owed on promissory notes, contracts, leases, guaranties, or judgments.

We can handle your broader business disputes with the goal of reaching a resolution outside of court.



"Will assisted me with a speedy resolution to a landlord dispute I was having, bringing an exceptional level of professionalism to the process. He was thorough in mediating communications between each party, candid with his expectations and recommendations, and generous with his time. I highly recommend soliciting his services."


About Downs Law

A boutique commercial real estate law firm founded in 2013, our focus is on providing the highest quality legal services to resolve business disputes (litigation), commercial real estate and landlord/tenant matters, commercial collections, construction and homeowner association conflicts – all in a personal, trustworthy, thoughtful, and forward-thinking manner.

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