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Entering a lease is a big commitment for both landlords and tenants. Leases tie up a landlord’s property rights, often for a number of years. The financial commitment for tenants is also huge, as a tenant is on the hook for all the rent due through the end of the lease term – regardless of whether the tenant is still occupying the space. It can be difficult to understand your rights, as the language used to write leases is often confusing and complex. 


We have years of experience negotiating and drafting leases on behalf of both landlords and tenants. We can review and revise your commercial or residential lease for a flat-fee as well, so you won’t be surprised by the cost.


There is nothing more frustrating for a landlord than a non-paying tenant. A commercial lease contains very specific provisions for how to deal with a defaulting tenant, and the failure to follow these provisions can lead to less than desirable results. Not only is the filing and timing of dispossessory (eviction) actions with the courts highly fact-specific, but commercial evictions can be fraught with delays, pitfalls, and technicalities that can derail unsuspecting landlords. 


At Downs Law, we have handled hundreds of commercial evictions and will skillfully navigate you through the process. Our goal is to obtain the most efficient eviction possible as well as to collect all the money you are owed.

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