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Starting and successfully managing a small business can be overwhelming. We know firsthand! We’re here to partner with you. 


Consulting with an attorney on the front-end can prevent big problems down the road. We can help you get all your legal ducks in a row as you are starting your company and continue to support you as needed as it grows. It is especially important to get an  attorney’s input any time you are borrowing/loaning money or tying your business to a long-term agreement (such as a lease or service contract). 


We offer cost-effective options to review and advise on a wide variety of small business services, including:

  • Forming a legal entity (LLC, corporation)​

  • Preparing operating agreements

  • Reviewing/negotiating leases

  • Drafting employment and non-compete agreements

  • Reviewing/drafting vendor contracts​

  • Reviewing/drafting real estate purchase and sale agreements

  • Reviewing leases


At Downs Law, we want to help set you up for success. We’ll get your business operating safely and efficiently so it can grow to be the enterprise you envision. 

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