Practice Areas

It is my goal to provide you with efficient, timely, and thoughtful service.  While I draw from my experience, I recognize that each situation is unique.  I will work to craft a solution that works for you – not just one that’s worked before.  You will always be able to communicate directly with me about your case.  I am also willing to work with clients to devise flexible rate structures that fit the nature of the situation.

Below are some of our most commonly practiced areas of law. For questions and more information, contact us.

Commercial Litigation

Business relationships are formed by agreements.  These agreements can range from simple verbal understandings to highly complicated written contracts.  I can help you understand your rights, whatever the nature of your agreement.  Some examples of disputes I handle include:
• Representation of a corporation and its majority shareholders against claims for breach of a shareholder’s agreement
• Representation of developers in a lawsuit by their lender for breach of loan agreement
• Representation of managing member in lawsuit for breach of operating agreement

Landlord / Tenant

Commercial leases are predominately landlord-friendly, but that doesn’t mean a tenant is without rights.  I have experience litigating landlord/tenant cases, as well as drafting and reviewing leases, and can help advise you of your rights. For a recent article on this subject, see my publication in the State Bar of Georgia Real Property Law Section Newsletter.

Homeowners Associations

Significant legal issues can arise in Homeowners Associations and Condominium Associations.  For instance, what if the HOA is not properly maintaining the common areas, or what if they’ve assessed you for improper fines?  These Associations have a lot of power, but that power is not unlimited.  Downs Law has successfully litigated cases and resolved disputes for numerous individuals against their homeowners associations.


Obtaining a judgment means nothing unless you’re able to collect on it, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than helping clients collect.  I view every case with an eye towards collection.  The law provides a number of methods for collection, including garnishment, liens, levy, and post-judgment  discovery.  Each of these can be effective depending on the circumstances.  Check out our blog to learn more about our collection strategies. 

Real Estate Disputes

There is nothing more fundamental than the right to use and enjoy private property. From boundary line disputes between neighboring property owners, to wrestling over title to hundreds of acres of commercial property, I have the experience to help protect your rights in real estate.